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Ah yes another day down...

Well as with most things in my life it all started with a roll of duck tape and a few bad decisions...I woke up just like any other but when I walk into the door thats where it all went wrong! Okay first off today was the first day back to school since last Thrusday..So I'm kinda lost in a few classes..Oh well I can live with that..I talked to Mr.Morgan about my lack of a 3rd hr next semester and my 7th hr this sememster...Yes, I do know how confusing that sounds but believe me its only the beginning..Turns out he has to look through all the classes Verstrate has so I can be placed in one for independent study..Verstrate knew more about how the damn scheduling works then Morgan did...Morgans just a lazy ass and was trying to not have to move my schedule at all but he's going to have to because theres more problems with it than that...Sucks to be him..I've had a problem with my schedule every single year in high school..I think I'm setting a record...If next year theres a problem with it thats all 4 years in high school with an assed up schedule...I rock!..So Droski gave me my stuff for the days I missed including the directions for the next paper we are doing...Semiotics...I'm doing mine on Se7en..Droski gave me The Divine Comedy to use as a reference so I'm going to read up on that tonight...He told me just to go through the notes section because it explains the levels of Purgatory and what not. So tonight as well I need to start my list of signifiers...Theres so many in that movie...Holy crap...Its gonna be the most intricate paper I've ever had to write and that is including the psycho analysis paper. That was fun as well. There was so much you can write on those topics especially when you pick good movies..I've got to go to recordings and more tonight to get cash for CDs so I can pay for x-mas stuff and I have to babysit saturday night so I'm thinking I should be set on cash for the x-mas season...I've already got the fam done but its those lousy punk friends of mine! *shakes fist* Nah just kidding...I love buying x-mas stuff for my friends..I like to see my friends happy..It makes me happy..I'm definatly doing something different for them I just have to figure out how I plan to go about it...I think I've got some idea I just have to figure out specifics....Tehehe...Little do you all know what you are getting! Bahahahaha!! Anyways I think I am going to be off. I have lots of work to do from being gone...Later Days
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