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Ah the wonders of slacking off

I have a bunch of homework I should be doing including 3 papers that are due at the beginning of next week and have to be 3 pages long...One on STD's another on Media influences on teens and abstinence both of which are for Health and then Droski's paper but thats due the 18th..The others are due the 15th...Plus..I've got a survey, a lab, some econ book questions, I have to read the rest of The Ministers Black veil and do more book questions...*Phew* I think thats it..Yup thats it..So who says I put half of that off?? Merg. I'll end up getting bored and doing it anyways. So Chase and I broke up. I think we may hold some type of record for shortest relationship..He asked me out last night around 9:30 and we broke up about an hour ago...I just didn't think it was going to work out..He was to good of a friend to be dating..Anyway..X-mas break is coming up! 7 more school days!...SO................
I'm proposing we have a bit of a shindig here...Friday the 19th...If you are in let me know...
Well..I think I maybe off now..I'm feeling some cartoon action...Later Days
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