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I wish I had a popsicle

I know this will be the second time I've done this today but I've run out of things to do..I finished my homework and I did work on the papers that are due Monday, and studied up a bit for my econ test tomorrow...I think thats a good start don't you?

Anyway...Next Thursday night we watch Fight Club in Droskis class after school around 6 until around 9 is the time he gave us...He said that we can bring food and friends..I'm thinking we make a night out of it and go...Who's in??...Besides Manda cause she has to be there anyway! And so does Liz! If not this one we watch Leon Jan 8th around that same to 6 to 9...You can go to that too..Do it as a favor to me..Early birthday present if you will...Cause the weekend after that we party for my B-day ALL weekend even though my birthday is on the 13th...We are going to party from Friday to Monday!

My ears and throat still hurt so bad..Its crazy nuts I tell ya...Crazy Nuts!..I need heavy pain killers for this pain! HEAVY PAIN KILLERS! Thats really what I need right now.

Moving on off of that subject...This weekend is going to suck so badly...I can't do anything...And I mean anything..Friday is the wedding and Saturday I have to babysit for Kristi so she can go out and party..Mom said she might take Maddie though for a while so I can meet everyone at El Camino after the dance..and Sunday...No one does anything on Sunday...I'll sleep I know that much...

On the upside this is the last full week before X-mas break...The 19th we party here...I think the 22nd maybe out...Depends on the weather..23rd is the party at Mandas...Christmas eve we're sitting around here being lazy cause we can well atleast I am! Its gonna rock my socks..I'm gonna sit around and do nothing in my pj's all day! It will make me happy! And by the looks of it...I'm still going to be sick...*tear*  heh.

Well my friends..I just realized that the lack of light in this room is making me want to sleep so I think I may do so...Later Days...

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