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*Cries* I have a headache that won't go away!!! I've had this headache since the second I woke up!! And its damn near 5!!! Some fix my head to make the pain go away!!

One a side note..
Everyone have fun at the Porno Dance...I mean the Winter Fantasy...or whatever the hell they called it...

I really like the color orange...It reminds me of orange pop and I really like orange pop...Mmmmm...So about El Camino tonight...I'm going to try and make it but I don't know now...My mom said she would watch Maddie while I was gone if she was home but that was before she knew her family was going to be here so either they will all be here or they will all be gone....Who knows...

So last night everyone got here and my Mom was suprised and this morning she said it ranked right up there with having me and marrying my dad...Then she added John...Yet another thing to prove I'm the favorite of this family! Yes! Lol..The first thing my Grandma did when she got her after she hugged my mom was make a martini! I love my Grandma! She is just that awesome! Everyone sat around and drank for a bit then they went to my Uncles house at around 11:30 last night?? Something like..

My dad and I are supposed to be meeting everyone for dinner but we have yet to leave yet cause he's playing video games...Everyone else went to the mall...So the ginger bread house thing...That was so funny!..They were trying to make it a church and they put a waffle cone on the roof and I called it a teepee and Beth told me that laughing at a church was like a sin and I was going to hell...So my responce was to take a ginger bread man and put him in front of the teepee on the roof and call him god! If they wanted it to be a church it should atleast be clear that it was and god was the only way to show that! Haha..Then Beth took down God and threw him on the table...I left the room with a gasp!

Well I must be off now..Later Days

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