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4 more days til break!!

So after that announcement I don't know what else to say. Just bored I suppose. Today was a long day. Getting up at 5 is not something I  suggest doing on a daily basis. I laughed at so much of nothing today. It was nuts....Hehe *HOTT NUTS!*

I drew a smiley face on my tummy today and I forgot about it so when I got in the shower a few minutes ago I found it and it made me smile! I was like awww my tummy is happy! All thats left now is a faint face that looks somewhat like a bruise. So I think that made my day.

I'm really tired right now...but I don't see sleep in the picture anytime soon...I can never get to sleep anymore...But atleast I get to sleep in my own room tonight..I missed my bed...The couch and the floor are nice everyonce in a while but not anymore..I want my bed...

So I'm taking suggestions for Friday night...Anything you think we need just let me know so I can get the stuff Thursday night so that its here Friday...Also let me know if you are going to be here so I have some idea who is all going to be here..

Well I think thats it for now...I'm going to go watch Se7en...Later Days...

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