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One more day!

Just one more day then I get two weeks off! You all have no idea how happy that makes me! I'm so friggin happy! And tomorrow is going to be a really easy day too..A few tests some notes and Pulp Fiction..If that isn't the best way to end a week I don't know what is!

Mom and I are making Monster Cookies tonight!!! This is definatly a holiday tradition in this house hold! So tomorrow night there will be cookies for everyone! Mmmmm....

I don't really know what to put in here..Not to much excitment in my life..Oh dear..My life is so uneventful again..I need to do something sock rocking! Saturday is the show in Montague..Thats gonna be fun!..I haven't been to a show in so long..That makes me so sad..I need to start going to go to shows again..

I have Christmas shopping still left to do..I'm thinking I'm going to so on Saturday morning or on Sunday..I hope you guys enjoy your presents..Nothing extravagent cause I'm ultra poor.. But hey its Christmas and its about giving..

I have no homework tonight..That makes me happy too..That paper was seriously throwing me off..I thought it was going to take forever but it wasn't that bad and now that its in I have nothing to worry about at all! That makes me happy too!

People all this week have been telling me how cute I am just out of the blue.Its kind of odd because people normally doesn't pay much attention to me or atleast they didn't used to..It really puts a smile on your face when people you don't talk to or know well at all are telling you how cute you are. It definatly makes you feel so much better when you feel shitty..So I've been pretty happy all week..

I'm going to be sick over break..My throat is so raw and scratchy! I keep coughing and what not and it hurts! It makes me want to cry. Well not cry but it does still hurt. It feels as if there is sandpaper in my throat. Its not tasty and pretty unpleasent!

Well I think I am going to be off now...Good Day
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