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Ever wonder whats laying outside you bedroom door?

Well so far today I've laid in bed, laid on the couch, took a shower, laid in bed some more, and laid on the couch again..And now I'm here..I'm not capable of doing anything much more then that..I've gone from not feeling well to being a human vegetable..It hurts to breathe and I can't stop coughing..I think my lungs may have collasped..I told my mom I wasn't going to the movie and she said to me "well if nothing else you have pneuomia". I looked at her and said "thanks for that. I'm going back to bed". And thats exactly what I did. This is the most of I've done all day. It's really a great way to start break.. No show for Megan tonight..That definatly pisses me off..I wanted to go so bad..I haven't been to a good show in a long time..The last show I went to was SOTY..Its been a long time!
So now off of the whole complaining thing...Last night was oodles of fun! Matt laughed for atleast 5 minutes straight at what we think was "Doris you've had ti many martoni's" and it was the most horrifing laugh I've ever witnessed! He laughs like a crazy old man and when he laughs to hard he starts to drool..Needless to say I was going to have myself an awesome yet very gross swimming pool in my living room..We watch Toy Story 2, South Park, and Pirates of the Caribbean..I didn't pick any of the movies..I was too lazy to last night...Well I think thats all for me..I can't remember anything else...Bye
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