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Well hello there...

So it's quarter to 1 in the morning and I'm really awake and its time for my nyquil! So Manda,Michelle,Marc,Liz, and myself went to the vous and I had pancakes for dinner then we went and played in Meijer where I proceeded to dance with a giant robotic Santa and watch hampsters dance a bit..It made my day very interesting..I've never seen hampsters move in the same direction at the same time before in my life. It was awesome! We talked to some guy at the Vous about how I burtn mt forehead with a curling iron and how it was cold...He patted me on the back cause he was concerned that I burnt myself and I said it was cold..Liz found Chex mix...But its Coco Chex Mix...That makes me sad..In fact is also kinda frightens me...I don't think Chex Mix should be coco flavored...Thats just not right...Anwway..Liz made a friend and they are going to "hang out" on Monday..I get to go..But I'm gonna bring a friend too! I don't want to be out of place...Hmmm well I think I'm going to be off now...Good day!
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