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Bah ha!

So yesterday was a whole lot of nothing with a little bit of something mixed in...
I spent most of the day lounging and sleeping..I felt like shit when I got home..People wouldn't stop calling either...I swear to god John had more phone calls yesterday then I have in the past month..Heh..So after that I got up and talked to some people and Lizideth,P-jo,Tim McWhitey and myself went out to dinner at House of Chan..Some lady at the table across from us was laughing at my shoes..Then she was trying to be all slick and whisper to her family about them but its so quiet in that place anyways I could hear her and I just looked at her and smiled..It was fun..After dinner we went to Meijers and got some poster board and stood out in the parking lot around the big ol' green giant and talked of random things..After all that I came home and help mom wrap presents and then laid on the couch once more and watched the Royal Tenanbulmes(sp?) I hate spelling!...After that I chilled out a bit and then it was bed time so off to bed I went..
Today looks promising..After a bit of cleaning around the house, I have to finish up some gifts and then party at P-jo's! Gonna rock my socks right the hell off!!
Then we've got x-mas eve when the fam will be joing us in our humble abode for fam time and then it will be a whole lot of me watching movies...
Then x-mas when the same fam plus more will be joining us again for dinner and then we leave with all the fam to join more else where...A LOT OF FAMILY TIME WILL BE SPENT!!
After x-mas we've got Cabin Weekend! Going to rock my socks so off that I won't be able to find them!! Can't wait for that one!!! I'm seeing a whole lot of fun times go down from the 26 to the 28!!
Well I believe that is all I have for you's all right now fellas so off I will be heading..Happy Holidays Folks!
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