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Tell me this does not make you want to do me SO HARD!!!

So now that I'm clean I'd like to talk about last nights cabinage or most of this morning which I remember most of...
So this morning after breakfast we took out the quads...Aron and I had to wait for one to come back so as we sat around we had an interesting dicussion about boobs...We started playing with a box cutter and Aron threatened to cut off one of my boobs and then we talk about what it would be like to have just one boob...After that I decided she could take one but she had to leave my nipple...So that lead into a dicussion about what it would be like if you didn't have any nipples....Which lead to lines such as.."I was tragically born without nipples" and "doctor I would like you to remove my nipples..I don't like them anymore" and so on and so forth...So when a quad became available I drove Aron around Hoyt Lake and in quite a few mudd/ice/snow puddles...Turns out that when you drive threw those really fast you get really dirty and cold...When we came back it was then a hlaf naked fest where we all stripped down and laid around being bums...Hah! Then we went and got some coffee and took a collective nap...Mmmm collective nap....After that we kinda just sat around and did some random things which leads to the subject....When you are that out of it pulling you pants up to your chest and saying "tell me this does not make you want to do me SO HARD!!!" leads to many offers of hott monkey sex...So after that I think...No wait it was before...It was before coffee I grabbed Drews boob and he made some very strange noise that only he can make when he's happy and Manda told me to "stop drewing grab's titty"...That lead to about 5 minutes of laughter... And last night...I don't remember much of...but I do remember some hide and go seek outside in the dark where Aron and I were left clinging to trees cause we were blending..Some "lets see who can throw the dart the highest"..Some fire..Some "Manda I've got a package for you"...Then we played a kick ass game of Lucyopoly where Michelle and I kicked ass and took damn near everything...I had loads of play money! I was rollin in cash! Haaaah! Michelle had all the property though so I owed her all the time! Eventually I quit and we did some Mad Gab thing and then it was the "Grab It Asian No Pull" and after that I threw up...Thats the most I remember...Except for on the way there my screaming "OH MY GOD MY BUTT IS TOASTY!!!!"..The short bus has heated seats...*drools*...That makes for a nice ride anywhere...A nice toasty butt will definatly make anyones day...Okay so now that that is out of my system I think its now time for some movie action! I'm off to go watch one of my many movies!...Later Kids.
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