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New Journal [29 Dec 2003|11:44pm]
I decided I hate this journal so I changed it...It is now: oohverklempt...Hehehe! It makes me giggle very very much! I will expect to see you all comment at the new journal that makes me happy...
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Tell me this does not make you want to do me SO HARD!!! [28 Dec 2003|08:33pm]
[ mood | Clean!!! ]

So now that I'm clean I'd like to talk about last nights cabinage or most of this morning which I remember most of...
So this morning after breakfast we took out the quads...Aron and I had to wait for one to come back so as we sat around we had an interesting dicussion about boobs...We started playing with a box cutter and Aron threatened to cut off one of my boobs and then we talk about what it would be like to have just one boob...After that I decided she could take one but she had to leave my nipple...So that lead into a dicussion about what it would be like if you didn't have any nipples....Which lead to lines such as.."I was tragically born without nipples" and "doctor I would like you to remove my nipples..I don't like them anymore" and so on and so forth...So when a quad became available I drove Aron around Hoyt Lake and in quite a few mudd/ice/snow puddles...Turns out that when you drive threw those really fast you get really dirty and cold...When we came back it was then a hlaf naked fest where we all stripped down and laid around being bums...Hah! Then we went and got some coffee and took a collective nap...Mmmm collective nap....After that we kinda just sat around and did some random things which leads to the subject....When you are that out of it pulling you pants up to your chest and saying "tell me this does not make you want to do me SO HARD!!!" leads to many offers of hott monkey sex...So after that I think...No wait it was before...It was before coffee I grabbed Drews boob and he made some very strange noise that only he can make when he's happy and Manda told me to "stop drewing grab's titty"...That lead to about 5 minutes of laughter... And last night...I don't remember much of...but I do remember some hide and go seek outside in the dark where Aron and I were left clinging to trees cause we were blending..Some "lets see who can throw the dart the highest"..Some fire..Some "Manda I've got a package for you"...Then we played a kick ass game of Lucyopoly where Michelle and I kicked ass and took damn near everything...I had loads of play money! I was rollin in cash! Haaaah! Michelle had all the property though so I owed her all the time! Eventually I quit and we did some Mad Gab thing and then it was the "Grab It Asian No Pull" and after that I threw up...Thats the most I remember...Except for on the way there my screaming "OH MY GOD MY BUTT IS TOASTY!!!!"..The short bus has heated seats...*drools*...That makes for a nice ride anywhere...A nice toasty butt will definatly make anyones day...Okay so now that that is out of my system I think its now time for some movie action! I'm off to go watch one of my many movies!...Later Kids.

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Sooooo Bored! [25 Dec 2003|11:38pm]

Hey what else do you want from me?Collapse )

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Merry Christmas Everybody [25 Dec 2003|08:52pm]

So today..John woke me up at 8 to open gifts...I got a bunch of fun stuff! If you want to know what I got go ahead and look Mmmm christmas! Collapse )

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Bah ha! [23 Dec 2003|01:03pm]
[ mood | content ]

So yesterday was a whole lot of nothing with a little bit of something mixed in...
I spent most of the day lounging and sleeping..I felt like shit when I got home..People wouldn't stop calling either...I swear to god John had more phone calls yesterday then I have in the past month..Heh..So after that I got up and talked to some people and Lizideth,P-jo,Tim McWhitey and myself went out to dinner at House of Chan..Some lady at the table across from us was laughing at my shoes..Then she was trying to be all slick and whisper to her family about them but its so quiet in that place anyways I could hear her and I just looked at her and smiled..It was fun..After dinner we went to Meijers and got some poster board and stood out in the parking lot around the big ol' green giant and talked of random things..After all that I came home and help mom wrap presents and then laid on the couch once more and watched the Royal Tenanbulmes(sp?) I hate spelling!...After that I chilled out a bit and then it was bed time so off to bed I went..
Today looks promising..After a bit of cleaning around the house, I have to finish up some gifts and then party at P-jo's! Gonna rock my socks right the hell off!!
Then we've got x-mas eve when the fam will be joing us in our humble abode for fam time and then it will be a whole lot of me watching movies...
Then x-mas when the same fam plus more will be joining us again for dinner and then we leave with all the fam to join more else where...A LOT OF FAMILY TIME WILL BE SPENT!!
After x-mas we've got Cabin Weekend! Going to rock my socks so off that I won't be able to find them!! Can't wait for that one!!! I'm seeing a whole lot of fun times go down from the 26 to the 28!!
Well I believe that is all I have for you's all right now fellas so off I will be heading..Happy Holidays Folks!

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Subject optional [21 Dec 2003|10:13pm]
Hmmm...So today...yeah..I don't really know what to say...Dinner with the fam was well..Interesting in the least..I got a phone call but from who I'm not sure..Number unknown and I can't call back...Kinda sucky I must say...Well I don't really have anymore than that..If you called my phone and I didn't answer and you are reading this...Tell me that you called so it doesn't rack my brain to long!
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Well hello there... [21 Dec 2003|12:47am]
[ mood | amused ]

So it's quarter to 1 in the morning and I'm really awake and its time for my nyquil! So Manda,Michelle,Marc,Liz, and myself went to the vous and I had pancakes for dinner then we went and played in Meijer where I proceeded to dance with a giant robotic Santa and watch hampsters dance a bit..It made my day very interesting..I've never seen hampsters move in the same direction at the same time before in my life. It was awesome! We talked to some guy at the Vous about how I burtn mt forehead with a curling iron and how it was cold...He patted me on the back cause he was concerned that I burnt myself and I said it was cold..Liz found Chex mix...But its Coco Chex Mix...That makes me sad..In fact is also kinda frightens me...I don't think Chex Mix should be coco flavored...Thats just not right...Anwway..Liz made a friend and they are going to "hang out" on Monday..I get to go..But I'm gonna bring a friend too! I don't want to be out of place...Hmmm well I think I'm going to be off now...Good day!

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Ever wonder whats laying outside you bedroom door? [20 Dec 2003|02:03pm]
[ mood | Ehhh ]

Well so far today I've laid in bed, laid on the couch, took a shower, laid in bed some more, and laid on the couch again..And now I'm here..I'm not capable of doing anything much more then that..I've gone from not feeling well to being a human vegetable..It hurts to breathe and I can't stop coughing..I think my lungs may have collasped..I told my mom I wasn't going to the movie and she said to me "well if nothing else you have pneuomia". I looked at her and said "thanks for that. I'm going back to bed". And thats exactly what I did. This is the most of I've done all day. It's really a great way to start break.. No show for Megan tonight..That definatly pisses me off..I wanted to go so bad..I haven't been to a good show in a long time..The last show I went to was SOTY..Its been a long time!
So now off of the whole complaining thing...Last night was oodles of fun! Matt laughed for atleast 5 minutes straight at what we think was "Doris you've had ti many martoni's" and it was the most horrifing laugh I've ever witnessed! He laughs like a crazy old man and when he laughs to hard he starts to drool..Needless to say I was going to have myself an awesome yet very gross swimming pool in my living room..We watch Toy Story 2, South Park, and Pirates of the Caribbean..I didn't pick any of the movies..I was too lazy to last night...Well I think thats all for me..I can't remember anything else...Bye

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One more day! [18 Dec 2003|05:37pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Just one more day then I get two weeks off! You all have no idea how happy that makes me! I'm so friggin happy! And tomorrow is going to be a really easy day too..A few tests some notes and Pulp Fiction..If that isn't the best way to end a week I don't know what is!

Mom and I are making Monster Cookies tonight!!! This is definatly a holiday tradition in this house hold! So tomorrow night there will be cookies for everyone! Mmmmm....

I don't really know what to put in here..Not to much excitment in my life..Oh dear..My life is so uneventful again..I need to do something sock rocking! Saturday is the show in Montague..Thats gonna be fun!..I haven't been to a show in so long..That makes me so sad..I need to start going to go to shows again..

I have Christmas shopping still left to do..I'm thinking I'm going to so on Saturday morning or on Sunday..I hope you guys enjoy your presents..Nothing extravagent cause I'm ultra poor.. But hey its Christmas and its about giving..

I have no homework tonight..That makes me happy too..That paper was seriously throwing me off..I thought it was going to take forever but it wasn't that bad and now that its in I have nothing to worry about at all! That makes me happy too!

People all this week have been telling me how cute I am just out of the blue.Its kind of odd because people normally doesn't pay much attention to me or atleast they didn't used to..It really puts a smile on your face when people you don't talk to or know well at all are telling you how cute you are. It definatly makes you feel so much better when you feel shitty..So I've been pretty happy all week..

I'm going to be sick over break..My throat is so raw and scratchy! I keep coughing and what not and it hurts! It makes me want to cry. Well not cry but it does still hurt. It feels as if there is sandpaper in my throat. Its not tasty and pretty unpleasent!

Well I think I am going to be off now...Good Day

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Eh..Sniff.. [17 Dec 2003|10:08am]
[ mood | sick ]

So I'm home today..I don't feel very nice at all..I see today being a lot of lounging and anti-movement..I don't really know what else to say..So..Off to bed it is then...

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Ugh! [15 Dec 2003|07:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

4 more days til break!!

So after that announcement I don't know what else to say. Just bored I suppose. Today was a long day. Getting up at 5 is not something I  suggest doing on a daily basis. I laughed at so much of nothing today. It was nuts....Hehe *HOTT NUTS!*

I drew a smiley face on my tummy today and I forgot about it so when I got in the shower a few minutes ago I found it and it made me smile! I was like awww my tummy is happy! All thats left now is a faint face that looks somewhat like a bruise. So I think that made my day.

I'm really tired right now...but I don't see sleep in the picture anytime soon...I can never get to sleep anymore...But atleast I get to sleep in my own room tonight..I missed my bed...The couch and the floor are nice everyonce in a while but not anymore..I want my bed...

So I'm taking suggestions for Friday night...Anything you think we need just let me know so I can get the stuff Thursday night so that its here Friday...Also let me know if you are going to be here so I have some idea who is all going to be here..

Well I think thats it for now...I'm going to go watch Se7en...Later Days...

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BAH! [13 Dec 2003|04:59pm]

*Cries* I have a headache that won't go away!!! I've had this headache since the second I woke up!! And its damn near 5!!! Some fix my head to make the pain go away!!

One a side note..
Everyone have fun at the Porno Dance...I mean the Winter Fantasy...or whatever the hell they called it...

I really like the color orange...It reminds me of orange pop and I really like orange pop...Mmmmm...So about El Camino tonight...I'm going to try and make it but I don't know now...My mom said she would watch Maddie while I was gone if she was home but that was before she knew her family was going to be here so either they will all be here or they will all be gone....Who knows...

So last night everyone got here and my Mom was suprised and this morning she said it ranked right up there with having me and marrying my dad...Then she added John...Yet another thing to prove I'm the favorite of this family! Yes! Lol..The first thing my Grandma did when she got her after she hugged my mom was make a martini! I love my Grandma! She is just that awesome! Everyone sat around and drank for a bit then they went to my Uncles house at around 11:30 last night?? Something like..

My dad and I are supposed to be meeting everyone for dinner but we have yet to leave yet cause he's playing video games...Everyone else went to the mall...So the ginger bread house thing...That was so funny!..They were trying to make it a church and they put a waffle cone on the roof and I called it a teepee and Beth told me that laughing at a church was like a sin and I was going to hell...So my responce was to take a ginger bread man and put him in front of the teepee on the roof and call him god! If they wanted it to be a church it should atleast be clear that it was and god was the only way to show that! Haha..Then Beth took down God and threw him on the table...I left the room with a gasp!

Well I must be off now..Later Days

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This is a once in a life time deal here okay? [12 Dec 2003|05:07pm]
Well its like this dears...I'm dressed and I look nice...This happens maybe once a year...Weddings aren't my friends...John is missing a shirt and Dad can't find his pants...I'm the only one dressed in this house...Thats different...I'm normally the one whose trying to find lost clothing...This is a sad state of affairs...Well I must be off...Papa calls...Later Days...
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I wish I had a popsicle [11 Dec 2003|09:57pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I know this will be the second time I've done this today but I've run out of things to do..I finished my homework and I did work on the papers that are due Monday, and studied up a bit for my econ test tomorrow...I think thats a good start don't you?

Anyway...Next Thursday night we watch Fight Club in Droskis class after school around 6 until around 9 is the time he gave us...He said that we can bring food and friends..I'm thinking we make a night out of it and go...Who's in??...Besides Manda cause she has to be there anyway! And so does Liz! If not this one we watch Leon Jan 8th around that same to 6 to 9...You can go to that too..Do it as a favor to me..Early birthday present if you will...Cause the weekend after that we party for my B-day ALL weekend even though my birthday is on the 13th...We are going to party from Friday to Monday!

My ears and throat still hurt so bad..Its crazy nuts I tell ya...Crazy Nuts!..I need heavy pain killers for this pain! HEAVY PAIN KILLERS! Thats really what I need right now.

Moving on off of that subject...This weekend is going to suck so badly...I can't do anything...And I mean anything..Friday is the wedding and Saturday I have to babysit for Kristi so she can go out and party..Mom said she might take Maddie though for a while so I can meet everyone at El Camino after the dance..and Sunday...No one does anything on Sunday...I'll sleep I know that much...

On the upside this is the last full week before X-mas break...The 19th we party here...I think the 22nd maybe out...Depends on the weather..23rd is the party at Mandas...Christmas eve we're sitting around here being lazy cause we can well atleast I am! Its gonna rock my socks..I'm gonna sit around and do nothing in my pj's all day! It will make me happy! And by the looks of it...I'm still going to be sick...*tear*  heh.

Well my friends..I just realized that the lack of light in this room is making me want to sleep so I think I may do so...Later Days...

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Alone in sweet silence I fall asleep tonight [11 Dec 2003|08:03pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I don't think I've ever been so tired in my entire life..I came home and I slept until 6:00..Then I got up and got mocked on because my voices is completely gone! My daddy was trying to imitate my lack of vocals at the moment..It made me sad so I hit him and told him he was stupid and mean...Good thing I can get away with that...My daddy loves me..I just get over the stupid sinus infection and now my voice is gone and my throat hurts like nothing else in this world should! *cries a big tear*...So tomorrow is this wedding...I'm not sure what is going on with that still. My mom said she was taking us out of school early so we could get ready and be in East Bufoo, Egypt by whenever the time she said we had to be there...I don't know I have no idea where this wedding is...All I know is that its somewhere outside K-Zoo. Which reminds me..I got my mom to say Skeetown..It was the damned funniest thing I've ever heard...We were talking about the wedding and its location and she told John where it was and I go it's outs of K-Zoo and my mom goes yeah outside K-Zoo, and then he goes how long will it take to get there and I go then I go its about 2 hours away from Skeetown and my mom goes yeah about 2 hours away from Skeetown and she just looked at me and went Skeetown???...I had to explain to her Skeetown was good ol' Muskegon...She didn't quite get it but it was still fun...So after this wedding we have to go to my Gandma and my Aunt are going to be here...They are flying in as a suprise to my mom..So we have to be home by 10:00 so they can have a nice happy night and we can all live happily ever after for the time being..Haha...I'm kinda happy though..We don't get to see that side of the family often...I see them once a year and thats over Spring Break when we go to Florida and stay with my Grandma so its nice that they are going to be here for a couple days...Well I think I'm going to go work on the rest of my homework...Later Days Mi Amigos....

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Ah the wonders of slacking off [10 Dec 2003|08:15pm]
I have a bunch of homework I should be doing including 3 papers that are due at the beginning of next week and have to be 3 pages long...One on STD's another on Media influences on teens and abstinence both of which are for Health and then Droski's paper but thats due the 18th..The others are due the 15th...Plus..I've got a survey, a lab, some econ book questions, I have to read the rest of The Ministers Black veil and do more book questions...*Phew* I think thats it..Yup thats it..So who says I put half of that off?? Merg. I'll end up getting bored and doing it anyways. So Chase and I broke up. I think we may hold some type of record for shortest relationship..He asked me out last night around 9:30 and we broke up about an hour ago...I just didn't think it was going to work out..He was to good of a friend to be dating..Anyway..X-mas break is coming up! 7 more school days!...SO................
I'm proposing we have a bit of a shindig here...Friday the 19th...If you are in let me know...
Well..I think I maybe off now..I'm feeling some cartoon action...Later Days
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Hey why not right!? [09 Dec 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

1. Green ninja turtles shirt I made
2. Skull and cross bone glow in the dark pj pants
3. One red and blue striped sock and one black and white striped sock...I couldn't find the other to each pair...

1. Phonebool
2. Digi camera
3. Bottle of water

1. Get a dog and name it Damnit
2. Live in an awesome old house
3. Get married and have kids to call the dog Damnit

1. Creative
2. Easy going
3. Off of my rocker

1. Overly sarcastic! People get so pissed at that sometimes!
2. I procrastinate so bad!
3. I analyze everything to an extent that no normal person should

1. German
2. Czech
3. Polish

1. My feet and toes
2. My lips and nose
3. My eyes and everything else

1. My left toe on the right side
2. My outer ear space
3. I don't have much of a negative body image...I like who I am and if others don't then thats their problem not mine...I've learned to deal with what people say about me.

1. I hate cats with a passion...repressed memories of being beaten by a cat when I was a small child lead to irrational fears later on in life.
2. Two of my teeth are not real!
3. I have an irrational fear of fish..Fish both dead and alive just...*cringes*

1. Meh!
2. Friggin!
3. So needless to say it all started with a roll of duck tape and some bad decisions...

1. Bed
2. Boston
3. FIGI!

1. Megan
2. Spanky McFitz
3. Ribesky

1. PantSeekingKid
2. Megan1173111
3. Meg011387a

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Merg...Meh is not cool but Merg is...hell yeah [09 Dec 2003|07:23pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I feel really sick right now and I'm pissed off to top that. I went to Recordings and More to get cash for the cd's and the guy there wouldn't take ANY of them. He said because I kept them in a cd wallet that it damaged my CDs. He can fucking lick my left tit cause all the CDs I brought in there worked and were in good shape considering how long I had some of them. Theres no friggin way that he couldn't have sold them..GAH! So right now E-bay is my best bet of getting anything for them. Otherwise thats 36 CDs that are going to be trashed or saved for a yard sale next summer when I won't need the cash.
I've got my second meeting with the hospital tomorrow at 3:30. Its just a tour of the other file rooms that I will be condemmend to. The good thing is though that since I'll be working alone most of the time I get to bring a cd player in and crank up the tunes while I purge x-rays, file x-rays, put x-rays up on the roloscope, take x-rays off of the roloscope, pull x-rays for doctors, and so on and so forth..The sucky thing is that I'm relief so I don't have a steady schedule but at $9.13 an hour I don't care. Thats friggin big bucks compared to the $4.50 I was making an hour at Tastee Twist. But the sad thing is that I may end up going back there this summer for extra cash for college and all that other fun stuff...Senior year...This year is almost half over...I'm not ready to grow up..I still spend most of my time watching cartoons and drawing like a 4 yr old..College is going to be something different man..I plan on going to MCC or Baker for business management and Kendall for either fashion design, illustration, or advertising. I have big plans but lets see where I get with them...Hopefully far..I don't see myself in a big university trying to make 10 ten in the class or just trying to keep up...I see myself doing what I plan..Something I can have fun with and enjoy doing so that I don't get stuck in a job I loathe with a passion..
Well I suppose I should be off to start some of the work I have to do...
Later Days and Best Wishes..

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Ah yes another day down... [09 Dec 2003|03:13pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Well as with most things in my life it all started with a roll of duck tape and a few bad decisions...I woke up just like any other but when I walk into the door thats where it all went wrong! Okay first off today was the first day back to school since last Thrusday..So I'm kinda lost in a few classes..Oh well I can live with that..I talked to Mr.Morgan about my lack of a 3rd hr next semester and my 7th hr this sememster...Yes, I do know how confusing that sounds but believe me its only the beginning..Turns out he has to look through all the classes Verstrate has so I can be placed in one for independent study..Verstrate knew more about how the damn scheduling works then Morgan did...Morgans just a lazy ass and was trying to not have to move my schedule at all but he's going to have to because theres more problems with it than that...Sucks to be him..I've had a problem with my schedule every single year in high school..I think I'm setting a record...If next year theres a problem with it thats all 4 years in high school with an assed up schedule...I rock!..So Droski gave me my stuff for the days I missed including the directions for the next paper we are doing...Semiotics...I'm doing mine on Se7en..Droski gave me The Divine Comedy to use as a reference so I'm going to read up on that tonight...He told me just to go through the notes section because it explains the levels of Purgatory and what not. So tonight as well I need to start my list of signifiers...Theres so many in that movie...Holy crap...Its gonna be the most intricate paper I've ever had to write and that is including the psycho analysis paper. That was fun as well. There was so much you can write on those topics especially when you pick good movies..I've got to go to recordings and more tonight to get cash for CDs so I can pay for x-mas stuff and I have to babysit saturday night so I'm thinking I should be set on cash for the x-mas season...I've already got the fam done but its those lousy punk friends of mine! *shakes fist* Nah just kidding...I love buying x-mas stuff for my friends..I like to see my friends happy..It makes me happy..I'm definatly doing something different for them I just have to figure out how I plan to go about it...I think I've got some idea I just have to figure out specifics....Tehehe...Little do you all know what you are getting! Bahahahaha!! Anyways I think I am going to be off. I have lots of work to do from being gone...Later Days

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My Own Responce [07 Dec 2003|06:41pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I AM Megan.
If I were alone in a room with Megan, I would LET MYSELF FALL VICTIM TO NEGATIVE THINKING PATTERNS.
I think Megan should MAKE THINGS RIGHT .
Megan will never FIGURE OUT HER LIFE.
I want to LEAVE Megan.
When I think about Megan, I FIND MYSELF DEEP IN CONFUSION.
Someday Megan will BE HAPPY.
Megan reminds me of SOMEONE I DON'T WANT TO BE.
Without Megan I WOULDN'T BE HERE.
Megan can be A BIT NEGATIVE.
PATHETIC is how I describe meeting Megan.
Worst thing about Megan is SHE CAN'T BE HAPPY WITH WHO SHE IS.
Best thing about Megan is SHE CAN MAKE OTHER PEOPLE SMILE.
Megan has awesome _______.
Megan should be TAKEN AWAY.
If I could say one thing to Megan it would be BE HAPPY WILL YOU?

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