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Merg...Meh is not cool but Merg is...hell yeah

I feel really sick right now and I'm pissed off to top that. I went to Recordings and More to get cash for the cd's and the guy there wouldn't take ANY of them. He said because I kept them in a cd wallet that it damaged my CDs. He can fucking lick my left tit cause all the CDs I brought in there worked and were in good shape considering how long I had some of them. Theres no friggin way that he couldn't have sold them..GAH! So right now E-bay is my best bet of getting anything for them. Otherwise thats 36 CDs that are going to be trashed or saved for a yard sale next summer when I won't need the cash.
I've got my second meeting with the hospital tomorrow at 3:30. Its just a tour of the other file rooms that I will be condemmend to. The good thing is though that since I'll be working alone most of the time I get to bring a cd player in and crank up the tunes while I purge x-rays, file x-rays, put x-rays up on the roloscope, take x-rays off of the roloscope, pull x-rays for doctors, and so on and so forth..The sucky thing is that I'm relief so I don't have a steady schedule but at $9.13 an hour I don't care. Thats friggin big bucks compared to the $4.50 I was making an hour at Tastee Twist. But the sad thing is that I may end up going back there this summer for extra cash for college and all that other fun stuff...Senior year...This year is almost half over...I'm not ready to grow up..I still spend most of my time watching cartoons and drawing like a 4 yr old..College is going to be something different man..I plan on going to MCC or Baker for business management and Kendall for either fashion design, illustration, or advertising. I have big plans but lets see where I get with them...Hopefully far..I don't see myself in a big university trying to make 10 ten in the class or just trying to keep up...I see myself doing what I plan..Something I can have fun with and enjoy doing so that I don't get stuck in a job I loathe with a passion..
Well I suppose I should be off to start some of the work I have to do...
Later Days and Best Wishes..
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